Tree thinning illustration

Tree Cutting

Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction illustration from Coppice Trees and Garden Services in Dorset

Crown Thinning

Some trees can grow quite densely, blocking light and causing more risk with high winds. Our qualified tree surgeons will evenly prune the tree's branches to leave a crown that's safer, brighter and healthier.

Reducing the branches (crown) of a tree takes a great deal of skill to ensure that what's left has a natural, untampered look. We're able to reduce the volume and spread of a tree, leaving a natural shape.

Crown Lifting

Tree crown lifting illustration from Copiice Tree and Garden Services in Dorset

By removing the lower branches of a tree, you can improve the reach of natural light and air circulation. Grass, flower beds and planting beneath will benefit from more sunlight, drying out damp, mossy patches.

Thinning Tree Case Study

Removing deadwood from a Pine tree in Dorset

Here we are removing deadwood from a Pine tree. Removing the deadwood reduces the hazard of timber falling from the crown.This can also allow more light to shine through the tree, improving its appearance.

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