Tree Services in Dorset, Hants and Wilts

Tree Surgery in Dorset. Man using saw to cut tree down.

Our team provide top quality tree surgery with care taken to minimise risk posed by over grown, dead or unwanted trees. Our primary tree services are crown lifting, crown thining, crown reduction, felling and deadwooding. Whilst maintaining a tree's appearance, we're able to provide a safety-conscious service.


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Trimmed hedges in Dorset

Professional hedge cutting leaves a clean, even appearance. We cut all manner of hedges, from roadside to ornamental. We can assist with any planning applications that may be required.


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Logs & Garden Mulch

Wood chipper at work in Dorset

We can supply organic garden mulch, perfect for supressing weed growth and keeping moisture in the ground. Mulch aids soil quality by adding nutrients as it decomposes.



Our logs are seasoned and sourced from our own local tree work, contributing to a reduction in our carbon footprint. Our logs are a mixture of hard and soft wood and are available in a variety of load sizes.


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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding to remove tree stump in Dorset

Reclaiming the space back from a tree stump can provide a garden with more space, make a more pleasing appearance or just allow a more effective use of the area.


Our removal methods are low impact and cause little disturbance.


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“I was very impressed by the company's efficiency. They arrived on time, were polite, very hardworking, and left the property tidy. The trees are a good shape now. And it was money well spent. I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again.”